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Joshua Muñoz. A spaced out astronaut who paints with poetry. Welcome to my world and thanks for reading. Follow me on ig: @loverboyinspace.poetry

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[ POEM ]

Being the big brother is scary.
Fear and anxiety live rumpled up
and tucked into fresh, slim-jean pockets,
the ever-present possibility 
of disappointing 
the most important people in my life.

In some way, and somehow,
in my paranoid mind
any and every choice I make 
could decide
I’ll see a role model, or a loser 
 back at me,
 in the reflection of your eyes, tomorrow.

Though not requested, as the oldest, 
I made it my burden in 1993 
to be responsible
and watch over you 
like you were my own kids. …

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I’ve always been very romantic when it comes to life and love. Though the romantic filter is still visible today, I’ve learned so much over the last decade that has carried over into my writing style.

Encompassing a critical period of “self-evolution”, this collection of older work below begins with a poem to myself from the present, before it rewinds for a glimpse inside the young mind of a starry-eyed boy as he matures into an adult. These are the stories of a younger me.

Welcome to my world, and thank you always for reading. ✌🏽👨🏽‍🚀

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Muñoz

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I read, probably, about a billion books as a kid. Books connected to an imagination like mine were literally epic 4K movies in my head. I would get absolutely lost in basically a never-ending supply of impossible worlds and adventures (the library). Those endless stories shaped my creative and curious lens at an early age.

Despite poetry being my medium of preference, story-telling is in the DNA of all my writing. The reason I love poetry so much is because, as readers, we get to visit infinite worlds, peeking ever so briefly into little pieces of others’ lives and…

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🎵Aura suggestion: “Chihiro” (Catching Flies Remix) by Yoste

I’m sorry
for sounding so generic,
and repetitive—
it’s me again. Two inches less than
5’10", black hair, brown eyes,
striding around my planet real 
chill-like, meanwhile
my cranial jukebox 
up top jankily
bounces and bangs. Day, 
and morn,
to my perturbed dismay,
the noise comes and it goes,
every voice, my own,
volume up, volume down,
 spinning and playing as we speak, 
just me 
questioning me, about 
every fucking 
of everything, 
and ever 
and ever, it’d seem . . .

Chin up, though.

Such a pretty soul, Mr. Mirror—
for what…

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🎵Aura suggestion: “Awaken” by Big Wild

Life is a simile—
sometimes sour,
and sometimes sweet, 
 like eating a box of Sour Patch Kids,
 oh, so much juicy pleasure and pain -
- to the bottom of the box,
 never knowing what flavor, or color, 
we’ll get next.

Life, literally, sprints 
like the microwave clock in my kitchen 
on days off—morning, noon, boom, 
evening. Tomorrow’s door is constantly 
opened and closed,
opened and closed, the contents:
usually hot, or tepid, 
 but at times un-bearably cold, too.

So, a warm reminder,
to give it
t i m e ,
after bad days
—while the good ones thaw…

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🎵Aura suggestion: notice by Berthold

flow into rivers,
flowing into waterfalls, falling into rivers, 
flowing into
 of endless, unfiltered love for you.

You are the moon, and I, the captive tide,
rising to the pull of your crescent lips,
drunk on their luscious gravity 
summer night spirits.

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Muñoz

ig: loverboyinspace.poetry

Welcome to my world, and thank you for reading. 👨🏽‍🚀

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🎵Aura suggestion: “Jet Lag” by Ivy Lab

Earth resembled a giant, 
blue and green
ball of yarn, as the spaceship approached.

Little space-kitty stared out the glass window 
 while her cute little tail playfully twitched. 
Soon, the smell of nature’s salty fish tank—
(along with sweet, SWEET solar heat)—
permeated the cardboard walls, 
 she prepared to descend.

The boxy spacecraft cascaded down from way 
above the clouds,
with grace and finesse.
 A purring hum sliced through the air as it flew, 
 until it eventually landed in 
 a lush green yard,
 where a little boy was sitting alone, eating.

The boy looked up sad, at first…

Song: “Moody” by Maye

I’m very proud of this project me and my girlfriend did at home. It was actually a random idea I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. The song is one of her favorites, so we had a blast with it. Thank you as always for visiting my world, and I hope you enjoy! (:


(If your Medium app is dumb like mine and doesn’t let you click on anything in the first 3-4 lines of a post, click this paragraph for an alternate link to the video)

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Muñoz

ig: loverboyinspace.poetry

Sorry, I’m so slow on reading and responding recently. I know myself in terms of what I can handle before I burn out, so I try and balance everything to avoid that point. I’ve been super focused on staying active with my writing, spending time with my loved ones, a random music video project I’m doing for fun, and also relaxing. I appreciate you all!

(Photo property of author.)


🎵Aura suggestion: “Shiver” by Marley Caroll

Ninth grade was hard.
It felt like there were all these preset paths 
I was trying to balance simultaneously, 
then gosh damn calamity struck 
when they all collided, 
leaving a classic cartoon KABOOM!
with the big gray cloud 
of smoke and debris, and a 
little boy 

Pressures of academics and 
social codes consumed my heart and mind, 
as I navigated a
world which had suddenly become
new to me, and whose complexity 
seemed to 
multiply overnight. …

Lover Boy in Space

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