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Joshua Muñoz. A spaced out astronaut who paints with poetry. Welcome to my world and thanks for reading. Follow me on ig: @loverboyinspace.poetry

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🎵Aura suggestion: notice by Berthold

flow into rivers,
flowing into waterfalls, falling into rivers, 
flowing into
 of endless, unfiltered love for you.

You are the moon, and I, the captive tide,
rising to the pull of your crescent lips,
drunk on their luscious gravity 
summer night spirits.

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Muñoz

ig: loverboyinspace.poetry

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🎵Aura suggestion: “Jet Lag” by Ivy Lab

Meow, meow, alerted the kitten-ship's
computer. . .

Earth resembled a giant, blue and green
ball of yarn, as the spaceship approached.
Little space-kitty stared out the glass window 
 while her miniature tail playfully twitched. 
Soon, the smell of nature’s salty fish tank—
along with sweet, SWEET solar heat—
permeated the cardboard walls, as she prepared to 

The boxy spacecraft cascaded down from way 
above the clouds,
with grace and finesse.
 A purring hum sliced through the air as it flew, 
 until it eventually landed in 
 a lush green yard,
 where a little boy was sitting alone, eating.

I’m very proud of this project me and my girlfriend did at home. It was actually a random idea I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. The song is one of her favorites, so we had a blast with it. Thank you as always for visiting my world, and I hope you enjoy! (:


(If your Medium app is dumb like mine and doesn’t let you click on anything in the first 3-4 lines of a post, click this paragraph for an alternate link to the video)

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Muñoz

ig: loverboyinspace.poetry

Sorry, I’m so slow on reading and responding recently. I know myself in terms of what I can handle before I burn out, so I try and balance everything to avoid that point. I’ve been super focused on staying active with my writing, spending time with my loved ones, a random music video project I’m doing for fun, and also relaxing. I appreciate you all!

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🎵Aura suggestion: “Shiver” by Marley Caroll

Ninth grade was hard.
It felt like there were all these preset paths 
I was trying to balance simultaneously, 
then gosh damn calamity struck 
when they all collided, 
leaving a classic cartoon KABOOM!
with the big gray cloud 
of smoke and debris, and a 
little boy 

Pressures of academics and 
social codes consumed my heart and mind, 
as I navigated a
world which had suddenly become
new to me, and whose complexity 
seemed to 
multiply overnight. …

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🎵Aura suggestion: “elevation” by staedy

Contrary to popular belief, in this life,
we are the only people in charge of our
and happiness.
Two of my tallest fingers to anyone 
who tries to tell me different. Tradition is often 
nothing more than a dusty, dated handbook 
intended to merely guide us 
gently, until life rips those cute training 
wheels right off, and from then on forward, 
we’re on our own, baby.
The SKY’S not even a limit, 
if you really think about it.

Be weird, be you, find that sweet spot
hidden in all the
chaos of life.
You choose the colors that

Photo by author.

It amazes me how I would check out 10 books a week, for over a decade, from the library (AND READ THEM ALL), but I really don’t have any books of my own to show for it.

It doesn’t help that I’ve only read a handful of books the past few years, and those were all digital books I read on my phone.

So this is my “shelf"-ie, a poetry book lent to me by someone I lost touch with, that I wasn’t a big fan of tbh, and my precious Tacopedia loaded with all the wonderful secrets of the…

For me, memories feel vivid, as if I’m there again, with my eyes closed, feeling the space around me, inhaling scents of old, and as long as I keep my eyes closed, I can stay there and cheat time for a bit.

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Muñoz

(Photo by author.)

🎵Aura suggestion: Ball by Eryn Martin (Jerry Folk Remix)

You would think my shiny, super hi-tech
Ai scanner for a brain
would bestow with it the blessings
of abundant savvy, and confidence, upon the beholder, though
often times, it offers neither gold, nor glitter,
to its patient host. Speaking frankly, I’m starting to
its obsolete
factory settings could interfere for much,
much more years than I expected. Be this as it may, carry no doubt that my intentions remain
to continue my diligent mission, in hopes I’ll locate
the broken code in my head
with all the classified secrets needed
to know why I think I’m different, and assuredly
I’ll be…

(Photo by author.)

Technology is truly a beautiful gift, which continuously keeps giving. Every year it surpasses itself with new features and tricks.

We can probably all think of times in our lives when we might have been better off without it, and also times where it led to a positive experience — that wouldn’t have been possible without it. I, myself, can think of so many ways it has impacted my life, as well as my worldview. There is one story of mine, influenced by technology, though, that I know I will be telling for the rest of my life.

I have…

Lover Boy in Space

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