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Drugs are glitches. I was the stars.


Lover Boy in Space
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🎵: All My Life by Odesza

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Drugs are glitches. I was the stars.

Expecting good of people is unfair, maybe.
Nature's more dark than light;
praise light when it's seen, for it is far and rare
outside of galaxies.

I'm windfrosted slush
I'm warming up to death
I'm frying the old form
I'm forgetting
I'm black light night
I'm afraid not

Either we're all different, or we're all the same. Either

What a concept for 1 to love.

Hola. General Infinity.

Joshua Muñoz

Lover Boy in Space


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Life is so exquisitely chaotic. Lately, I feel like I’m drifting away from an old skin, without choice or resistance, less and less linked to a fading version of reality and me.

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Lover Boy in Space

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