Grow Up, Moon Boy collection. #21

(Written October 30, 2010. Updated 2021.)

It’s true, what you heard,
that I found love once—the kind you dream of, 
but always wake up.

Sent by the stars, she came to me.
Together forever, ’twas meant to be.
We’d walk on the beach together, 
with her hand held in mine,
and the sun setting slow like the photos online.

For us, each time we’d kiss was the first,
like romantic movies when the fireworks burst.
Nothing she said could ever be wrong.
Her voice gave me chills like my favorite love song.
Silent, slow motion, we’d even fight beautifully,
like the music videos they play on my T.V.

Still, after, we’d giggle, play, 
hold hands and both blush—
innocent, naïve, like a kindergarten crush.
We’d bum it and cuddle, watch movies all night—
like I’m told people do when they find Mrs. Right.

Alone in the world, just her and me.
The perfect couple, the perfect “we”.

“I love you,” soft and sweetly she'd say, 
running her hand 
through my hair, 
kissing gently 

I’d whisper, “I found you. 
You’re mine, finally.”

Then we’d lay there forever—sort of like a dream.

So, yes, it’s true, 
I found love once—the kind you dream of, 
but then I woke up.



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Lover Boy in Space

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Muñoz. A spaced out astronaut who paints with poetry. Welcome to my world and thanks for reading. Follow me on TikTok | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify