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Keto Shakespeare


3 min readNov 22, 2022


A glutton of rhymes saturated.
Wonder, maybe, I’m childish.

Diet Dr. Seuss,
I adorn my word currents and the pages drenched we go.
Not much green left for me.
Stumped by humans who destroy. Save the
art and ocean, chug my all-natural alliteration?

I'm sorry when my letters draw drooped brows.

Self conscious. The body’s hat gets sick for spells.
Smiles heal untaxed.

Critics are fools.
I like to play far past Milkyway.
Because population views are broader.
I am not apt to act.
I’ve learned, though, the kids know.
What’s life if not a space costume party?
Mix it up, millenium shakers.
Make sunken rocks flip, taste the spirit.
Bang, screw around o sea legs under
midsummer rays, white, or laser gold.
Be inspired and pleased.

I enjoy to imagine you take delight
in the collective fevered daydreams illustrated by

Alas, I’m special too, if we’re all?
It is possible I’m fizzle, deficient carbs.
Why art everybody run when the sidewalk is ending?

Joshua Muñoz

Lover Boy in Space

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