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MAGIC: The Full 3-Part Phantasmical Short Story


I read, probably, about a billion books as a kid. Books connected to an imagination like mine were literally epic 4K movies in my head. I would get absolutely lost in basically a never-ending supply of impossible worlds and adventures (the library). Those endless stories shaped my creative and curious lens at an early age.

Despite poetry being my medium of preference, story-telling is in the DNA of all my writing. The reason I love poetry so much is because, as readers, we get to visit infinite worlds, peeking ever so briefly into little pieces of others’ lives and minds. It was fun dusting off the short story format with this one, though, so I hope you enjoy the little tale!

(It’s the first short story I’ve written since high school.)

Welcome to my world, and thank you as always for reading. ✌🏽👨🏽‍🚀

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Munoz

PART 1 — green eyes and sham

PART 2 — witches get stitches

PART 3 — magic tricks



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Lover Boy in Space

Lover Boy in Space

Joshua Muñoz. A spaced out astronaut who paints with poetry. Welcome to my world and thanks for reading. Follow me on TikTok | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify