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Lover Boy in Space
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🎵: love that 4 u by altopalo, Bartees Strange

The format of this poem is important to me, so I put a screenshot first. ✌️


Lifted from subway gutters.
Half star, half life, rescued me from sliced helmet.
Can a mortal being deserve this godly hot ecstasy?
I'm not dead yet; here grow the lovers yet.
Fresh color for the summer shade.

Heaven arrives early. Can't fear its honesty.
Would you dare to free it?

The stars you see, up there, belong to those who know

Love yourself. I think you're the only one who needs to.

If the universe was made of Legos, we'd say the world
and we were Legos; with atoms, Legos we'd play.

We're all one matter. What a fuss.

Joshua Muñoz

Lover Boy in Space


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Lover Boy in Space

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