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Self portrait-Joshua Munoz.33.Black noise


Lover Boy in Space
2 min readApr 7, 2024


🎵: Wrong II by h hunt

The format of this poem is important to me, so I put a screenshot first. ✌️

Self portrait-Joshua Munoz.33.Black noise

This was the night of quietest in longest spins.

The universe lays before us, invisible.

Life continues spilling in heavy color.

We all see different faces in the dream clouds.

So many places we could be.

The mysterious lines uncharted are decreasing in volume.

Have I ever mentioned I fear the quiet?

Not to die but to be without my background noise.

I've listened to reality and its massive rotating orchestra.

The clocks, like clicking horseshoes, hung in my soft nucleus.

Science: to think no more is not as terrifying as it seems.

I gaze at the sharpened laser future, my glossy muse goddess.



Lover Boy in Space

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