Hello my name is Joshua, and I’m a taco-holic. In honor of #tacotuesday here is a poem dedicated to the magical experience of driving downtown for juicy, delicious tacos. (FOLLOW my IG page @weeattacos to follow all my taco adventures.)


(the self-proclaimed official taco poem of Medium)

2 min readFeb 16, 2021


Tacos, tacos, tacos,
why art thou so good?

I could surely eat TEN of those savory
meat and tortilla treats
with ease
When the scent of meat sizzling
meets my face,
my nostrils go sniffing
and my insatiable appetite
instantaneously activates
 — forgive me if I salivate
For at this moment
metaphoric flood gates have caved in
and now the cave of my mouth
fills up like a big cup
of ice-cold agua de piña

Stupid lines, BE GONE—
it’s my turn, finally,
and you better believe I’m ready to order!



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