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IG Poetry Prompt: Positive mindset

3 min readFeb 14, 2024


Prompt by @michelle.o.gosh

🎵: Can U Lose? by Lean Low

The format of this poem is important to me, so I put a screenshot first. ✌️


What better place to slip than this cosmic dance floor?

Bounce with the beat.
Left, right, spin.
The universe is teaching us to boogie.

"Hopeless" is nothing but one song's title.
Too simple, too catchy.
The parrots love to hum and chant it.
The lyrics, brain worms, memorized.
The volume, locked, at 200.
The speakers, vibrating your sweaty brow.
The white noise, pulsing in a black void.
The endless bass, punching your ears.
The fluxing waves, blinding your fogged optics.
The frenzy of falling drums on your twinkle toes.
The rampaging tempo, tripping your frantic feet.

The mad frequency, penetrating your stomach.

Throwing up can be a good thing.

Despite the messes, I've seen so much color.

Eyes up.

We're alive, until we forget.
So much wasted energy.
The night is young and forever.
Liquid neon.
Skip and sway.
Shake your astral body and vibrate.
Make a current and let it flow.

A candle can both burn and light.
So, who’s watching, green vanilla?
We’ve got no rhythm but our own.
Rise and rise and rise and rise, dancing flame.
Your roof is ablaze.



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